EviL Ba₭on! 8D (2 videos)

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EviL Ba₭on! 8D (2 videos)

Post  [EMB] :E on Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:10 pm

Evil Bacon - Baconatordation

Evil Bacon - The Final Sacrifice

I'll load the EMB album that was completed last year but I still fine tune it...it's been done but I like collabs.
Also I met Jimmy he thinks I suck & steve thinks I'm an asshole. Kitty still likes me & that's all that matters... and etc. 8D
Having a shitty time exsisting as I'm constantly being looked at like an alien.
I'm famous & I don't even have to try as public relations dictate proper code.
I'm learning a new language so I can get the fuck outta here.
my reality is beyond fuck up to have any real definition at this point... Evil or Very Mad 
for now: behold! For :evil:I AM EviL Ba₭on! Evil or Very Mad .....whatever the fuck that means.
ask me what about the deep meaning is behind the band name
because I don't know. I can make a list.
Good Day, Eat Bacon! 8D
[EMB] :E

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